How to Participate in Dakar Rally 2022? (Guide)

How to Participate in Dakar Rally 2022? On 2nd January 2022, the world’s challenging motor raid rally of this era will take place in Saudi Arabia. This country is going to host the biggest event for the third time on its eye-glaring Rub-al-Kali desert. The participants will have to pass almost 7500 km of the ruthless route from HA’IL to Jeddah with a resting day in Riyadh.

The motor car drivers, bikers, and crews are counting their time to take part in this enchanting event. But the question is how to participate in the Dakar rally 2022?

Yes, if you are dreaming to be a proud participant in this prestigious race competition for the first time; then this writing is solely for you. In addition, it will help the experienced competitors too to know the changes in the participation process.

So, let’s discover the ins and outs to participate in the upcoming 44th Dakar rally hosted by Saudi Arabia on 2nd January 2022.

#Step 01: Learn the Rules & Regulations

You should have a clear idea about the participation policies and regulations of the raid rally. The organizers have already published the guidelines on their official website. They have different participatory protocols for the different events.

You will find here the provisional regulations to follow for the drivers and crews of bikes, cars, trucks, and SUVs. It includes all the issues that you may do or not before the event, during the race, and after the end of the competition.

Never forget to go through their technical guidelines, medical equipment instructions, refuelling rules, and scrutineering strategies. If you don’t obey these regulations, the hosting authority can resist you from the race anytime.

Participate in Dakar Rally 2022

#Step 02: Check your eligibility

The Dakar raid rally race is addictive and perilous at every stage of the whole route. You don’t know what is waiting for you on its next dunes and Empty Quarter. And this race can be unavoidably alarming for drivers, crews, and spectators.

So, as a promising contestant of the upcoming event; you should check your eligibility before taking part. If you are 18+ years of old, you can hit the route of the next Dakar rally 2022. It is open for both professionals and amateurs.

If you are fit for driving on dunes and sands, you can choose your categories like bike, car, truck, or quad. It is a chance to check your endurance against tough times.

#Step 03: Choose your category

If the regulations adjust to your eligibility for the raid rally, you can choose the category to contest. The organizers have already announced four major rally categories (e.g. bus, truck, SSV, and bike) for the upcoming Dakar.

You should be confident to choose the category to participate in such an incomparable human adventure. Please keep in your mind that it is not a kid racing for having fun.

If you are going to Participate the event for the first time, you can talk to your mentor or professional someone to have a better suggestion for the selection. However, pay trust to your own will to pick the right riding category.

#Step 04: Fix your event

The organizers let the participants take part in two major events such as the race and the adventure. If you choose the race, then you have to contest with other contestants and reach the destination as fast as possible against the clock.

On the contrary, if you are participating just for adventure; you have no rush to reach the destination against the clock. You can complete your route without any competition against anyone. The challenging route will be your only contestant for the adventure.

If you are a beginner, you can choose the adventure event for having an exciting experience for the next edition. And race should be the prime choice for the experienced someone. However, both the events would be a landmark for the participants on the toughest raid rally.

#Step 05: Ready to register

As an aspirant participant, you would have to go through a registration process. And you need to sign up against the vehicle that you want to drive in the desert. It might be a car, bike, truck, quad, and SUV. You can register against a single or multiple vehicle.

If you want to participate sign up for one more vehicle, then you need to register for each type. And you will have to pay for each signing up. And you can sign up from the organizers’ official website.

As a fresh contestant of the event, you should register for a single vehicle to save your pocket. It requires a gross amount of investment that can fall you into fathomless frustration. But the multi-vehicle signing up can be an ideal choice for a group of drivers and crews who are well-trained and tuned with experience.

#Step 06: Payment for confirmation

After successful signing up, you will have to pay for securing your position for the Dakar 2022. The organizing authority won’t confirm your participation until the payment gets done. The participation fee differs from one vehicle to another.

And the registration fees may be more or less according to the number of participants. Because you have to pay for each participant.

The registration package may include some services like transportation, communication, and administrative services. You should check the payment policy properly before paying for the confirmation. For any sort of ambiguity, you can take to their help center 24/7.

#Step 07: Get Ready for the race

After successful completion of all the above steps, now it is time to get ready for the 2nd January 2022. And you are going to be a proud participant in the landmark race rally of the era. You should prepare your cars, crews, and yourself for touching the milestone.

Never forget to fill up the data form you received after getting the confirmation message. In the data form, you will input the information of your vehicles, drivers, and crews. And the authority will let you a timeframe to do any changes.

You should meet with the Dakar rally preparers to have optimum preparation. The cross-country preparers are available on online sites. Furthermore, you can take preparation services from the official preparers of Dakar Rally 2022.

Final and Foremost Words

The Dakar Rally is a destination of long-desired landmarks for hundreds of drivers, crews, and spectators across the world. It is special with its unyielding environment and uncompromising route to chase on the race.

The 44th upcoming edition on the Saudi desert would be a Dakar against time, temperature, and landscape. You will fight against the sands, dunes, dirt, and tarmac stages of the Dakar rally 2022. It would never be an easier route to pass.

Therefore, you take a holistic preparation to touch the milestone. You should leave no stone unturned reaching the ending mark of Jeddah on 14th July. Finally, we hope our guide to the real way of Dakar will help you a lot to have a successful entry to the ever-enduring event. Thanks for being with us

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